Sunday, February 25, 2018

Are Home Remedies to Stop Cats from Scratching Furniture Effectively Working?

home remedies to stop cats from scratching furniture

Have you ever found your cat scratching furniture? When your cat uses furniture to stretch and give manicure to itself, you must control your emotion. Don’t get angry because it is an animal. You must apply the right treatments for animals. You must stop your bad cat habits by using home remedies to stop cats from scratching furniture. The home remedies are helpful to fix bad cat’s habits to ruin furniture.

Using Essential Oil Home Remedy Formula

You can use natural home remedy formula to keep your cat away from furniture. Pour 8 ouch of warm water into the spray bottle. Then, add 10 drops of essential oil with lemon or orange fragrance to the spray water. The cat dislikes orange aroma and is potentially making the cat away from orange – aroma items like furniture.

Using Cinnamon, Lavender, or Eucalyptus

If orange or lemon essential oil doesn’t work to your fussy cats, you may take another alternative.  You can choose cinnamon, lavender, or eucalyptus to be home remedies to stop cats from scratching furniture. You may try different aromas to know which one is the most appropriate one for your cats. After you make the formula, cover spray bottle and shake it well. Then, spray the formula to furniture area. Let it dry. If there are no scratches on the furniture area, it is working so well.  

This formula must be sprayed every day to stop your cats. You should also accompany your cats when it comes close to the furniture to direct it in an appropriate place for your cats. This is used to help it to forget scratching furniture. If your cats are able to keep furniture away, you should reduce the spraying frequency until you don’t spray it anymore. There are some items prepared to make this formula for your cats. Those include spray bottle, essential oil, and catnip.

Don’t only use one formula of essential oil for keeping your cats away from furniture. You must be creative to find the right formula of essential oils. Try to find the most dislike essential oil of your cats and make it at home. If your furniture is damaged, spray cloth with its liquid on the scratched furniture area. This is a form of protection from cat’s scratches. After you make the formulas, it is better to keep it in refrigerator to stay working well. Those are some home remedies to stop cats from scratching furniture.