Monday, March 5, 2018

Good and Inspiring At Home Spa Party Ideas

At Home Spa Party Ideas

Spa is an expensive treatment conducted usually in the beauty salon. It actually can be done at home. At home spa party becomes a great idea for beauty treatment. At home spa party ideas are used to keep beauty treatment without going to hotel or salon. You just create a calm home situation looking like a spa space. You may prepare snacks, drinks, and magazines during having a spa party situation.

Natural Facial

There are some ways to make natural face mask at home. You can use some natural materials to make a facial mask. Take banana and honey that are appropriate for most of the skin types like normal, dry, and oily. The way is taking a half of banana and a spoon of honey. Puree the banana and honey together. Apply it for 10 to 15 minutes on the face. After dry, clean it with warm towel. Another choice is using yoghurt and honey. Yoghurt contains lactic acid that is able to remove dead skill cells and honey is great to keep skin moisture. You may also use strawberry mixed to oatmeal. Those have a function to be detoxification taking a role to remove toxic from your face.

Treatments for Healthy and Shining Hair

The next at home spa party ideas are having treatments for healthy and shining hair. You may use an avocado and two spoons of olive oil. Puree avocado that has been mixed with two spoons of olive oil. Apply it on the hair and cover it with towel soaked to warm water. You may change it with shower cup and let it for 30 minutes before rinsing it with warm water.

Soaking and Bathing

Milk bathing is beneficial to make your skin smooth and soft. You can apply this spa idea at home. The way is very easy. Just prepare liquid milk, olive oil, and vanilla. Then, pour it to a bathtub contained with warm water. Sit and get relaxing with vanilla fragrance while you are rubbing your skin gently. Then, rinse and dry it.

Manicure and Pedicure

The last idea of home spa party is conducting manicure and pedicure. Remove old nail polish and soak with warm water. Take milk and honey for manicure and pedicure. Let your hands and legs relaxing for five minutes. Milk contains lactic acid functioning to peel dead skin cells. It also contains calcium to strengthen nail. Honey acts to be humectants to keep skin moisture. Then, cut cuticle on between nails. Finally, apply your favorite nail polish. Those are great at home spa party ideas to hold with your friends.